Saturday, 28 March 2015

List of Top Common Pendrive Problems and Thier Solutions

Pendrive Is The Best Medium To Carry Data From One Place To Another...Now a days Almost Each And Every Computer User uses Pendrive as A Secondary data Storage Device...After All Pendrive is A best Alternative To Cd/dvd Like Permanent Storage Media.Apart From This They Are Small,Fast,And Have Thousands Of More Capacity Of Data Storage Then Cd/Dvd's.
Pendrives are More Durable and More Reliable Then Other Storage Media Because They Don't Contain Moving Parts..

Offcourse they Are Reliable But Not So Much At All..
The Reason Behind is That They Store Data As A Digital Charge.More Over Sometimes They Give Us A unknown Error That Is Not So Much Easy To Fix..
But There are Lots Of Ways By Which We Can Able To Re-use Our Corrupted Or Buggy Pendrive.. :)
I Have Compiled A List Of Common Pendrive Problems And Thier Solutions..Hope You Like.. :)
So Lets Start..
Generic volume cannot be stopped right now: This Is a Common Windows Problem Comes When You Try To Remove Pendrive By Safely Remove Hardware Option..To Fix This Error Read From Here.

 Remove Write Protection From Pendrive: This is Also A Very Common Problem That Comes When We Want To Modify Or Delete The Contents Of Our Pendrive.To Fix This Error Read From Here.

 USB drive is detected, but not shown in My Computer: Sometimes When We Insert A Pendrive in Our Computer.Computer Detects It Instantly but Don't Show It In My Computer.To Fix This Problem Read More From Here.

 Problem in formatting pen drive:Sometime When We Try To Format Our Pendrive A Error Comes Which Say "Cannot Format The Drive".To Fix This Problem Read More From Here.

 USB Device has Malfunctioned:This Is One Of The Most Common Problem Occurs When We Plug-in Pendrive In One Of The Ports Of Our Computer.A Error Comes At Tray Which Says That "One Of The USB Device Attached To Your Computer Has Malfunction".To Fix This Error Read More From Here.

 Please Insert A Disk Into Drive Error: This Problem Comes Often When You Plug In Your Pendrive In Your Pc..And Try To Access The Pendrive From My Computer.Computer Simply Shows You A Error Which Says "Please Insert A Disk In Drive"..If You Want To Fix This Read More From Here.

If You Are Facing Another Problem With Your Pendrive Then Put It In Comments Below..I will Try My Best To Solve That Out And Will Add That Problem In This list..

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